Monday, 20 July 2015

Turbo RAT with the OPO7DP chip versus RAT2 with the LM308 chip

Many years ago I picked up a RAT2: love at first sight. She's battered, no battery door, I took all the feet off, and there's tape on the bottom protecting the innards. I've had other RAT2s including one very slightly younger and each has sounded a bit different, something you'd expect with the usual tolerance percentages of components and construction. Mine has a bit more low end to it. 

After picking up a Turbo RAT with the OPO7DP chip in it, it seemed the right thing to match one against the other. You'll see in the video that the volume knob for the RAT2 is different to the Turbo RAT: this is purely to get the volume levels matching, the Turbo has a bit more volume on tap. 

The Turbo has more volume and a brighter character. It's a bit more direct compared to the RAT2 which is more fuzzy. I prefer the RAT2. 

So which one should you pick? Whatever one suits you best. Buy a few of them cheap when they come up on Ebay and experiment. 

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