Saturday, 3 October 2015

Digitech Supernatural ambient reverb pedal - yes and no. Obviously.

Good points:

-The plate, plate mod, and spring settings are really good. It will let you go to 100% wet unlike the Hardwire delay and reverb pedals. 

Bad points:

-The shimmer and variation presets do nothing for me (Valhalla's Shimmer plugin has ruined all shimmer effects for me). Doesn't sit well behind delay pedals. I like stuffing reverbs into delays and tried the Supernatural going into the Flight Time and a TC Nova Repeater. No real sonic happiness for me. 


Dump overdrive and delay into this, you'll be happy and you can gaze at your shoes for hours. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Free The Tone Flight Time digital delay pedal - it's pretty special.

If you want a big clean clear delay pedal that sounds big, this is the clear winner. Something like the Eventide Timefactor is a very good pedal in its own right but it is not as pristine as this one. The FT doesn't sound harsh or sterile. 

Good points:

-The sound. Loads of headroom. Easy to program and operate. The sound. Oh, the sound!

Bad points: 

-The modulation is good but it's not 'Deluxe Memory Man vibrato' modulation which is the golden temple for me. A fair whack of cash for a pedal with one mode really. 


If you need a clean big sounding delay pedal, hit this softly and enjoy.