Thursday, 23 July 2015

'Civil War' Big Muff clone demo - I am useless with fuzz

Some people worship fuzz pedals. Many kneel in the praise of delay. There's probably someone out there who loves tuners. 

Fuzz impresses me but I can't use it. I've never liked straight out fuzzes or Muffs. Give me a distortion pedal like an HM-2, some nice overdrive pedals, and even a Metal Zone and I can make it work for me. Give me a Fuzz Face and I collapse into tears of frustration. I like the pedals that are more overdrive that can get fuzzy: RAT2, Throbak Overdrive Boost, Skreddy Lunar Module (which I really shouldn't have sold, it was fabulous). 

Take this pedal here. It's a Civil War Big Muff clone built by a chap on my main guitar forum. It's really nicely done: decent wiring and soldering, good board, decent finish. In use it sounds good but it doesn't suit me. 

I console myself with this thought: when was Johnny Marr ever associated with a fuzz pedal? (and no the bloody Healers do not count)

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