Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath reverb pedal

As a devoted Loveless fan, I thought this pedal would be right up my street. That short multitap delay sound coupled with reverb should have been right up my street.

Already you know this review is one that is disappointed. 

The pedal is noisy. The Drag control at fully anticlockwise introduces a low frequency noise that disappears around 9 o'clock, only for a higher frequency noise to appear closer to 3 o'clock. The footswitch is absurdly loud and clicky. The Length knob can cause self-oscillation as can the Reflect knob. It won't do 100% wet.  

Does it have some really great sounds in it? Yes. 

Am I keeping it? No. 

Really my disappointment is because I'm so used to plugins now. Echoboy nails that "multitap in reverse" sound and gives out so many more tonal options. If you want that MBV sound in a pedal format then the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai does it better than the Afterneath. 

It's a niche reverb. Those who love it will love it hard. 

I don't. 

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