Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Marshall Reflector reverb pedal - not expensive, not rubbish, and definitely not better coated in pastry.

I don't know why I've never tried one of these before. There's always one for sale on eBay for a good price, nobody ever seems to rave about them but reports of horrible sounding reverb don't really exist.

The punt was taken. And it was a surprising experience. There really isn't a bad reverb sound in there. The hall, plate and spring reverbs are excellent. The reverse is a bit shit and room reverbs pass me by on every platform, pedal and plugin alike, but ignore this. You get some great sounds in a pedal that costs about £30 to £40. It's better than the Hardwire reverb, more fun than the RV-3, has more decent reverbs in it than the RV-5 (which has the great modulated reverb and not much else), and sounds better and costs substantially less than some of the boutique reverbs out there which are shockingly poor for the money.

Best cheap reverb out there by a mile. 

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