Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dr Scientist Reverberator reverb - really rather good.

Now I tend to favour reverb pedals which are more geared toward effects than realism. The RV-5's modulated reverb, Eventide Space, EHX Cathedral, things like that. 

The Dr Scientist Reverberator is a bit different. it's not an effects-type reverb. There's no black hole settings or sub-Sigur Ros type sounds in here. Instead you get reverbs that really compliment a guitar sound. The halls are pretty good without being enormous, the room reverb works, and the plate reverbs are some of the best I've used anywhere. The Plate on the long setting gets quite springy as well. 

What surprised me is how it reminded me of using old rack units like the Alesis Midiverb. You don't have a huge amount of options to play around with so it evokes memories of using presets, just press and go. 

Decidedly impressed by this. It would go very well with a Space or Big Sky. 

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