Friday, 4 May 2018

Back again and armed with a new Deluxe Memory Man XO.

It's only now that the awareness of just how long it has been since the last demo was posted. Blame a combination of work, romance, more work, moving house, and work for that. In the meantime Windows Movie Maker is no more, Star Ward died for me with The Last Jedi (and don't get me started on Solo), and Avengers went up a level. 

So first up on the demo front is the Deluxe Memory Man XO. As usual, a cheap Ebay purchase that was totally powered by "Wow, never tried one of those, let's do it". After owning a double figure number of big box DMMs, it's time to give the XO the once over. 

Basic delay sound

A draw here. It's good. XO does seem to feed back a lot easier. The big box repeats degrade a bit more, the XO holds together better. Choose whichever suits you best.


A hard one as every big box DMM has a different noise level in my experience. There is some noise with the XO but it's not bad at all. 


This is the big area where the big box wipes the floor with the XO. It's not bad but it's so average compared to the wonderful modulation on the big box. 

Sound blending

This is how I perceive how well the dry uneffected sound blends with the effected (delay) sound. Big box wins and it wins in the same way something like the Alesis Midiverb wins out. Older stuff just seems to knit these sounds together so much better than the modern ones. My usual gripe about Strymon pedals is how you get the dry sound and the effected sound seems like a sheen plastered over the top. With the big box DMM and Midiverb, they feel much closer together, smeared in a good way. 

General play

The XO was good to use. I could get my usual Boards of Canada warbly overwet wiffle going. Did it hit the heights of the big box DMM? No and really that's down to the inferior modulation. 

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