Monday, 20 March 2017

The Retrosonic chorus - a CE-1 that isn't noisy or with lousy bypass.

People who know me, which totals 8, know I love the older JC-120s. The third series with the direction connections to the power amps rule. Absolutely top three amp material there. 

The chorus is great. I had a 1st series JC and the chorus just wasn't as good. The third series may not be the real original but it works better for me. 

So this... well, it's good. It's a good chorus. It's limited in what you can vary with it as there are so few knobs. The vibrato is a bit too fast for me even with the rate at minimum. 

I like it but quite honestly would rather have a Boss CE-2B. 

Spoken like a true heretic. I'll be on fire by evening. 

Listen here!

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