Monday, 20 February 2017

The Yamaha FX500 - Soft Focus setting - look, plugins can get you sort of there too.

A rather self-explanatory video really...

Plugins used:

Audiomulch as the host
Klanghelm's DC8C compressor's Microverb plugin
SDelay (native Audiomulch plugin)
Valhalla Space Modulator (free to owners of Valhalla plugins)

All the relevant settings for the FX500 Soft Focus sound can be found in the manual (easily found online).

Imagine something like thisL

compressor at the front --> reverb set for 3.4s of reverb, 100% wet -->  delay plugin with 250ms left, 380ms right. Set for 72% feedback, 70% wet mix --> Symphonic chorus type sound adjusted to taste.

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