Tuesday, 19 January 2055

Soundbelch - effect pedals, guitars, amps, and sounds I like.

Everyone knows what boutique pedals played by people with talent through amps which cost loads of money sound like. PGS Andy, Mike Hermans, Brett Kingsman, Pete Thorn, the stoner from Gearwire... 

Then there's me. 

Every demo is the same. An Epiphone Dot loaded with a Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday bridge pickup is plugged into a pedal via Planet Waves cables. That pedal is connected to a recording PC via the DI input of an SPL Crimson audio interface going into Reaper. No other plugins or pedals are used. I then play whatever random shit comes into my head and you get to hear the pedal as it is, uncoloured by amps, microphones, or salty talent explosions. 

For the anal, I use Jim Dunlop USA Nylon .50 or .60mm picks, Rotosound 10 strings, and change my strings about once a year because I hate new strings. 

I'll also talk about amps, guitars, and sounds in general. 

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