Friday, 4 September 2015

Alesis Midiverb II reverse reverb programs - My Bloody Valentine, Bloom reverb, reverse reverb

I love the Alesis Midiverb II. It's noisy, it's old, and mine smells of cigarettes and concerts. 

I hate the Strymon reverbs and a lot of plugin reverbs. To me they put this sheen of reverb over the top that doesn't gel with the guitar sound at all. 

The Midiverb is different. The reverbs aren't technically that impressive but they sit with the guitar sound so damn well. There's this really solid feeling to the reverbs. I shall have to find myself a Quadraverb now... 

The Midiverb now gets praised by shoegazing tossers like me who want the My Bloody Valentine reverse reverb sound (program 43) and the Bloom reverbs (programs 45 and 49). 

Enough typing. Listen to what some of those reverse reverb programs sound like.