Wednesday, 8 July 2015

EHX Deluxe Memory Man - MN3005 versus MN3008

There's a lot said about the DMM. I keep buying and selling purely to hear the variations and differences. This year I've been fortunate enough to have two really nice ones come through my hands.

The first was a REV E motherboard DMM with 2x MN3005 chips.

The second was a REV D motherboard DMM with 4x MN3008 chips. 

How do they differ in sound? 

MN3005 - the delays are a bit more smeared and blur together very nicely.  

MN3008 - A little more chorus noise. The delays are cleaner and clearer. 

For the murky soundscapes I like the the Rev E MN3005 pedal. For cleaner picking and arpeggios the MN3008 DMM works better. 

Really there is no definitive DMM sound. I've now owned 13 different DMMs from the New Sensor reissues to some of the older ones with the built in power cable and each one was different. 

Demo below features both pedals at 100% wet, around 325 to 350 ms of delay, a dash of chorus, and the feedback level at... I can't remember. 

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