Thursday, 16 April 2015

Malekko Omicron analog chorus pedal

As much as I'd like to demo Morrissey's eyes, that won't be happening. Instead it's the turn of the Malekko Omicron analog chorus pedal. Designed around the great MN3007 chip, from memory the Omicron range were the first boutique pedals to go for the really small form factor as now copied so prodigiously by the like of Mooer and whatnot. 

I actually don't like the small form factor. I am a big clumsy oaf and demand big stompy things to attack. I want a pedal I can destroy, not one I have to be gentle with.

Soundwise this is a very nice chorus. It doesn't have the slightly sharp sound of a Boss CE-2, probably due to the lack of buffer, but also isn't as woolly sounding as an EHX Small Clone.

It can be run at 12v for higher headroom. I totally forgot to record this sound but it is there and this is a good thing as I like chorus pedals more at 12v. The additional headroom gets it closer to the JC-120 sound that lives in my jingly-jangly head.

S/h prices on this in the UK are usually around the £60 mark. Very good value there and the Malekko vibrato is well worth picking up as well.

Another of my standard boring videos below: 

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